Nano Brew.  1BBL.  That's 2 kegs at a time and that's extremely small.  We double batch each small batch and push our system to the max capacity so each batch we are brewing is about 5 kegs.  Which is almost 3BBL, so in the grand scheme of how tiny we are that's a pretty doable yield.  However, that means that we are FURIOUSLY brewing to make sure that we can supply our demand.  Since the day we started brewing, we have made a promise to ourselves that we will always have the fermenters full.  We're going to do our best to keep that promise.  We are currently working on adding larger equipment to keep up with demand and really appreciate all the support that allows us to grow as we grow!

Stay up to date for all of the growth that we will have coming..."ONE DAY"


We love dogs and we love kids! We would love all of you to bring your dogs and kids to visit us as long as they are all on leashes!  

All kidding aside, we are completely family friendly including the K9 sort.  We totally want you to be able to come and enjoy your experience while hanging out and having a beer.  We also want all of our customers who are sans kids and dogs to enjoy their experience as well.  That means that we would appreciate it if constant attention was paid to your little ones. Dogs need to be leashed and well behaved.  Kiddos can't be running and bouncing off the walls.  We have created an entire room for kids to keep them happy and entertained, and we appreciate that you will be paying attention to them while they are.

 We do hope to evolve to a Brew Pub at some time in the future.  At that point per health department we will not be allowed to have dogs by law.  But until then, We can't wait to have them in!  

Respect and Dignity-  We live by both.  We will treat our customers with both, and we will expect the same will be returned to our staff and other customers.  



We are a small operation.  We consist of one Owner/Operations/Manage-it-all, her sidekick-best friend-adviser-head beertender, and a few part time beertenders who will help with pouring behind the bar and at events.  

We are not hiring at this time, but in the future when the need arises we will publicly post  that we are looking at add to our brewery fam.  

Thank you for the interest!