Our passion is our people, our community, and our beer.

We are a craft Nano Brewery in Rancho Cordova California, but we are so MUCH more than that.

We believe in supporting First Responders and lifting them and our community up.

Brewing on a 1BBL Brewhouse and 4 fermenters and a 2BBL Brite Tank, we are definitely a Nano to an extreme!  The great thing about small batch brewing is it allows us to have quickly rotating taps to showcase the classics and the creatives so something new is pouring all the time.  With a mix of people passionate about craft beer and introducing a lot of new people to the craft beer culture, we strive to find a balance  and diversity of our styles and tap list so there is a little something for everyone.   We believe in organically growing, and growing is in our game plan! As soon as the demand allows it, we plan to add a large Brewhouse  to the suite next door which doubles the size of the brewery. 

  Cuz you know, we think ahead like that. 

We are a craft Nano Brewery in Rancho Cordova California, but we are so MUCH more than that.

 Owned and operated by friends and family of First Responders, our passion lies with our community and showing support for those that are protectors. 

We are that "neighborhood style" brewery with a very laid back relaxed vibe.  We want you to feel like you are coming to our home to share a beer and become our family. 

We focus on brewing balanced and very approachable beer, with a variety of styles at all times so there's a little something for everyone.

Bring your kids and your pups and come on over!

Hi! I'm Cory


Owner, Operator, Beertender, Flavor Concoction Creator, Artistic Science Consultant - All of that good stuff.  I am not a First Responder, but my Fiancee is.  We can call him a Founder, Sidekick and Professional Beer Taster (until he retires). We have friends, our family, who are Law Enforcement, Military and Fire.  

Living in a First Responder life, I see the humans BEHIND the badges on a daily basis.  All Thin Line professions are careers I could never do, and I have the utmost respect for the Calling, the Honor and the Sacrifice they all give to our communities and our Country.  That is where my passion for craft beer and First Responders collide. 

Cheers to those that Hold the Thin Line