Stripped down bare...

Stripped down bare…

No silly. Not me literally, but my nerves and my energy.

I’m super sick for the second time this month. My body is saying “SLOW THE F*c% DOWN WOMAN!” I’m not listening though. It’s really sucky because I haven’t had a cold in over 2 ½ years. I tell you this as a disclaimer that my head is all loopy and crazy and I might not make sense, so hopefully I can convey my thoughts clear enough.

The bad and the ugly: I will try to make a very long story short. A few weeks ago, or maybe a month or maybe more (I don’t really remember because it’s all such a blur) I almost threw in the towel. WE almost threw in the towel. The love of my life and I weren’t handling the stress AT ALL. The no getting married thing…that hurt, BAD. And then being told he can hold no legal interests…panic. We were losing a ton of sleep, trying to keep pushing through and biting at each other pretty much every time we talked. There was a possibility of monstrous fees that I couldn’t financially handle. I was getting hints and vague answers and no information every time I asked for them. It took three months just to get the power on. The very day we got power, an electrician and lighting guy (not sure what he’s technically called) told us we had to comply to Cali’s current energy code with the lights. The lights we’re currently sitting on the ground, and in order to put them back on the ceiling we were looking at about $6K minimum to make them compliant. If they had been still hanging on the ceiling then they were grandfathered in. WHAT? We started looking at other counties, other cities, and were leaning toward just being DONE. It was hard for him to take a back seat to this whole project, which I totally understand. So now he is just considered my “advisor” helping his GF get it done. It was the icing on the smashed up cake. I had the most ugly panic attack driving from ABC one dreary rainy afternoon. I’m talking snot and hyperventilating and sobbing and begging. Nope. Not too proud to admit it. I needed my major meltdown. Scared the hell out of him, but it did reassure him that he is the most important thing to me in this world, and this whole adventure doesn’t compare.

The Universe brought the good: In that very moment, I’m talking ACTUAL SECOND the Universe barged in and flipped everything a 180. Seriously, like the rain clouds parted and that light came down and I heard that “ahhhhhh” sound. Not joking. It was probably just my head pounding and light flashes and ringing in my ears from my massive meltdown, but same thing.

We get a call from our property manager who suggested we take our neighbor’s space directly next door. I was still blubbering so S did all the talking for us. I immediately email my contact with the city and request to talk with her that day. We decided that if this new space would work out, we would keep pushing forward but if it was going to add a ton more stress, we were pulling the plug and I was going to tell her that.

So our neighbors AlphaOne had decided to relocate for a couple reasons but most of all they needed more space. It was pretty awesome having an EMS service next door to a First Responder themed brewery, even though parking was an issue. But HELLO?!? Sure we’re happy to take your perfect built out space!! It’s UNREAL. Completely everything we need and way better than we can build out on our own at this point. They were expected to move within a few weeks and having it built out helped with all the time we lost trying to get the power on. The property owners and property manager worked out terms to reset our clock and give us free upfront rent while we get paperwork, applications and all that sorted out and get out TI done. One of the owners said to us in a meeting “My brother and I stated from nothing. We built everything we have from opening a small business and we’ll do whatever we can to help you because we believe in small businesses”. (Ok, I did paraphrase that, but that was the gist of it). I ran back to the ABC and amended my application. I very nicely emailed TTB asking how to change the Suite on my application. We met with the whole entire City Planning, Permits, Building and Fire Departments all in a huge meeting that informed us that our potential $23-$53K in fees from our last space wouldn’t apply to the new space since it has been in use. Well that’s the short version of a very complicated meeting. I heard back from my new best buddy at TTB and he very easily updated my application. And since it was in front of him it has actually sped up the processing time. YUP.

I had most of this information a couple of weeks ago when I blogged it out. The second I hit post I felt this HUGE weight lift off of me. I overthink and over plan and push and work and drive and I am exhausted. My mind is spinning and my body is fighting to just shut down. But we have renewed ambition. The second the Universe stepped in, everything changed. We are strong. I love him more than I ever have and what’s better than that is I can FEEL that it is mutual. We joke tell people that we have been divorced 4 or 5 times before we are even allowed to get married. We have had such an easy time with all of the outside entities that it is honestly scary but I’m gonna enjoy it while I can! We are bringing some amazing people into our Company. It all feels REAL now. Like REAAAL. All of this holy hell of craziness is about to happen so soon. I really want to show you the inside however it is not Thin Line personalized yet, so I am going to keep you in suspense for a little while longer. Here is a teaser: Kid’s room? CHECK. Private room? YEP. Unique? Very. I also want to tell you our open date we are aiming for but I am terrified to jinx it. So I will just say we’ll be open between now and later ;)

Stay tuned cuz we’re moving full speed ahead.

Cheers friends!


*** Side note the reference of “WE” means me as a Company and all of those that help me along. I would not get through any of this without you all.

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