This is me. I'm Cory. I've been called brother, dude, man, bro (thanks mom and dad for the spelling of my name😉) but I'm a girl. I like fruity and tart beers-not IPA's- yet anyway. That is what I love about this industry is there is so much variety! 
I'm the Owner-Ops Manager-Brewer-Beertender-Etc... you get the picture. 

I'm the Fiancee to the most amazing LEO, and that is where my love and respect for First Responders started. I'm also a mama of 2 teen boys who are my everything (even when they make me crazy). I've always considered myself a job gypsy bouncing around trying new things. But I've always come back to service and people. I've been in management in the service industry for years and just before this venture I owned my own espresso catering business. 

Firestone Walker's 805 was my gateway beer. Even though I'm a lightweight and have an allergy type reaction to most beer I can't get enough of the variety, creativity and community of Indie Craft Beer. My love of that community and the respect I have for First Responders is my WHY. I can't wait to have y'all in to share a beer with us.


Tara is my right hand girl, for Thin Line and in life. We have worked together for years and we just VIBE. Expect to see Tara A LOT- As much as I can get her behind the bar. 

"My name is Tara (pronounced like Terra Cotta) 
I wear many hats: Wife, Mother, Third Baseman, Battle of the Drunks founder... and now delicious brew slanging super server!

I have a lot of experience in Breweries. This, However, is my first time working in one....

My claim to fame is less beer brewing and more coffee brewing. I aim to change all that. I've spent a quite a bit of time studiously drinking as of late. For education purposes of course.

Cory and I worked together for many years and we became really great friends. A friendship based in a respect for each other's strong work ethic I suppose. And alcohol...

Bottoms up!"


Taproom Server/ Beautiful Beertender/ Wonderful Friend

Born and raised locally, Timarie is an adventure seeker with a big heart. She loves an ice cold brew paired with good conversation. She's a free spirit and always out doors exploring. (So I'm lucky to catch her and have her part of the Thin Line fam!)

Timarie worked alongside Tara and I for years. The three of us found that soul connection and are so excited to be back together bringing our mischief to you. 

She's looking forward to pouring your next pint.


aka My Dad

My dad is a mostly retired pharmacist, and has been my biggest support (as well as my mama) through this whole crazy process. He's been my handy man, financial backer and shoulder to cry on and I'm hoping to have him pouring behind the bar on occasion! (Or maybe just washing glasses and chatting with you over a beer 😄)
I went looking for a picture and he has a beer in pretty much every one...He loves his pales and I've been helping him expand into the world of craft. 
Cheers to my dad!!!


Nick is the son of a retired LEO, And like family to me. 

When Nick isn't capturing the energy of the sun, you can find Nick at the gym, or out in the wilderness hiking, camping, shooting or kayaking with his dogs. Nick is also the Owner of The Rustic Phoenix who built all of the gorgeous tables and benches for us. 

Nick hasn't met a beer he didn't like and will be happy to pour one for you